Aviation Insight & Expertise of a Strong Network.

The COST AVIATION stands for a unique consulting approach combining the expertise from long-standing international project work, insights from the daily operation at Stuttgart Airport and the latest intelligent IT systems. It is this expertise which lets us understand your challenges quickly and find the best solutions. Our portfolio features a variety of different products that solve your problems and help you reach your goals.

Our Strengths

  • Competence
    Comprehensive methodical competence and practice-proven solutions
  • Improvement
    Measurable improvement of effectivity, efficiency and quality
  • Balance
    Productivity, quality and employee satisfaction in balance
  • Network
    Network of strong partners with functional expertise working side by side

Our Components of Success

COST AVIATION follows its self-set guidelines to guarantee a target-orientated operation. Thereby the satisfaction and the benefit of the customers, the company and its employees are equally focus of our activities. Due to our integrated approach we are able to achieve optimal results and at the same time maintain a general focus which offers a sustainable long-term benefit to our clients.


Achieving appropriate profit and continuous enhancement of the company value to stay a reliable and efficient partner also in the future.

Customer Benefit

Satisfying highest customer requirements and ensuring the customer satisfaction are the focus of our daily work.


Open to innovations and willing to constantly question and optimize products, structures and our own thinking and acting.

Employee Motivation

Responsible tasks and challenging objectives in an engaging and attractive environment combined with appreciation and respect.


Transparent processes, optimised procedures, a first-class infrastructure and resource efficiency from which you will benefit as well.


Continuous improvement process, reliable and qualified employees and a cooperation orientated on the achievement of objectives mark our services.

For more information including a sample project download our company brochure.