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We Plan - You Benefit

Operational planning is particularly challenging in the aviation industry:

  • Pronounced peak structures
  • Short time for rostering
  • Consideration of crucial stakeholders (e.g. works council) and operating agreements
  • Employee satisfaction with planning results
  • Heterogeneous contract structures

Planning as a Service

The Product

One of our core competencies is creating optimized rosters by considering these restrictions and depicting them transparently and to a high level of detail. You will benefit from our consultants’ vast project experience as well as from our insider knowledge of using intelligent IT tools at Stuttgart Airport. We will adapt the tools to meet your requirements, so you can leverage the full potential of our IT. Together, we will find the solution that secures long-term returns and improved quality for your company.

Our Approach

We diminish uncertainty in your resource management and offer you improved strategic and operational planning by optimizing IT utilization. Be it creating a one-off seasonal roster as a basis for short- and mid-term planning, regular rosters on a monthly basis or a combination of a seasonal plan with monthly updates – we will make your work easier.

Your Result

Precise resource demand profiles with shift and demand curves for personnel and equipment form the core of our work. You will benefit from state of the art tools, the external viewpoint of our experienced consultants and the advantages of an outsourced planning hub.

Your Contact

Tina Kaiser
Tina Kaiser
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